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Bloodshed, Intrigues And Oppression

Bloodshed, Intrigues And Oppression

Folke Filbyter, a royal primogenitor

Folke Filbyter,
a royal primogenitor

SwedishFreak’s condensed Swedish history continues today with the second of six episodes.

This is medieval times between the 11th and 15th centuries, when a number of small kingdoms were united to form Sweden.

Christianity arrived: there is the king who is hailed as a saint for performing a crusade, even though the crusade never happened and the king himself was an ardent heathen.

There is bloodshed and intrigues, when three dynasties are competing for the throne of the united kingdom. There is the man who neutered horses with his teeth and became the ancestor of a royal family…

Great wealth was gathered in merchant cities, but there was also war and pestilence. And it ended with a union between Sweden and Denmark which was very unsuccessful.

If you missed the first episode, check out our Swedish history page (Culture/History) which presents each of the six episodes, or dive directly into Sweden In The Middle Ages!

Next episode will follow… shortly.

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