When Sweden Was A Superpower

SwedishFreak’s condensed Swedish history continues today with the third episode; all and all there will be six episodes.

With the beginning of the16th century, a new king ascended to the throne, founded the world’s longest cross-country ski race, defeated the Danes and dissolved the union with Denmark.

In the next century, a powerful and resourceful king went to war and established dominance over north Europe, competing in power with the Holy Roman Empire. He became known as ”The Lion From The North”, but ended his days on a foggy field in Germany.

Another king traveled by horse, alone and under cover, all around the country, to detect and eradicate corruption and oppression. He also defeated the Danes, once again. After his death, his 15 year old son became king and started by defeating the Danes, yet another time. He then continued to rule Sweden by mail from Turkey for 14 years, when a letter needed several weeks to be delivered. He was finally killed by a button from a uniform.

If you missed the first episodes, check out our history page (Culture/History) which presents each of the six episodes, or dive directly into The Rise And Fall Of A Superpower!

Next episode will follow… shortly.


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