Fly to Stockholm from LA for $500 or less?

No seriously. I booked my flight already, leaving on the 22nd (yes, this Saturday), and it cost me $550 including carry on luggage, some travel insurance, and a seat selected on the way home. I do have a hotel cost in Iceland on my way there of $70. I’m not crying about it though.

So yes, my bags are packed, and I can’t wait to get to Stockholm and give you guys some real updates about life in Sweden (I will be heading back to the US after 2 weeks of Swedish awesomeness).

Ok, so enough, who is this awesome airline that is offering this great deal? It is WOW Airline out of Iceland. Easy enough to remember with an amazing deal like that.

WOW Airlines

So cheap airlines can be cheap, I don’t except amazing service paying $550 to fly across the world. I will let you guys know how it goes. (This isn’t a paid advertisement for them, it is only for you, my awesome fans, who want to get away and go to Sweden.) And if any of you are in Stockholm when I am (the last week of April), maybe we can meet up for a fika!

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