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Hilary lived two years in Norrland, Sweden (Northern Sweden) and fell in love with the country. While she now lives in a place that is the complete opposite of Sweden (Arizona), she constantly tries to bring Sweden to the desert.

healthLife in Sweden

Ok, one more thing to add to the “Sweden is Amazing” list. Now in Sweden, when you give blood, you will get a text when your blood is used to help someone. Sweden started this initiative in Stockholm 3 years ago, and it has had such good success, they are rolling

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Life in Sweden

When I lived in Sweden 3 years ago (I can’t believe it has been that long already!), I remember a “betala med kort” campaign that we got in the mail in Skellefteå. The campaign read that it is better to NOT have cash on you. With cash, you are more vulnerable

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Swedish language

Sweden is all about equality for men and women. Which is why they have decided to invent a word for female masturbation: klittra. Throughout history, women’s sexuality has been repressed. It is normal to talk about men masturbating, but female masturbation (or klittra) is taboo. Part of that is not

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Swedish Recipes

I made this recipe to celebrate Swedish midsummer, and oh my goodness, it tastes like Sweden! It is very close to a Swedish shrimp sandwich I had in Norrland that I absolutely loved. I will have to make that soon. For now, here is the open faced shrimp sandwich version.

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