Waffle Day

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Yes, apparently there is a special day dedicated to Waffles in Sweden. This is March 25th. And what do Swedes do on this day? Why, they make and eat Waffles!

Swedish Waffle


Traditionally, waffles will be served in (almost) every Swedish home on March 25, which is called “Våffeldagen” (Waffle Day). This name is actually a misunderstanding – in ecclesiastical tradition March 25 is Annunciation Day, i.e. Our Lady Day. The Swedish name, “Vårfrudagen” can – poorly articulated – be mistaken for “Våffeldagen”.

But of course, waffles are served any day of the year as an extra treat at fika time.

We have two great recipes for Swedish waffles, brought to you by our own Thomas, for you to try. So why not celebrate your own Waffle Day?


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