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Old Swedish Leap Year Poster
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Well, at least it use to! Apparently back in the day, leap year (which was celebrated on the 24th because, well, calendar to calendar conversion rates don’t always work) day was the one day a girl could propose to a guy. This was, of course, back in the day before there

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Learn SwedishSwedish language

If you have a smart phone or tablet, you are lucky, because Swedish will always be at your fingertips. I’ve gathered a list of websites where you can learn Swedish for free. Today, I’m sharing a list of the best apps for learning Swedish I have found that help me learn

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I am always finding new ways to use and improve my Swedish. I am not the type to sit down and memorize 10 words every evening (though that helps a lot too when I do do it!) I prefer methods that don’t seem like studying. Lately, my roommate, brother and

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