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The rapper Snoop Dogg had a concert in Uppsala, the large college town only about an hour from Stockholm. On his way back to Stockholm, around midnight, his vehicle was stopped by a random vehicle check by the Stockholm police. Kinda like our random drunk driving stops in America. Not

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healthLife in Sweden

Ok, one more thing to add to the “Sweden is Amazing” list. Now in Sweden, when you give blood, you will get a text when your blood is used to help someone. Sweden started this initiative in Stockholm 3 years ago, and it has had such good success, they are rolling

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Life in Swedenspring

In Stockholm we are waiting for spring to arrive. It’s quite cold for being the second half of march and I think almost everybody is longing for the sun to warm our frozen limbs. Usually we get some warmth when the sun starts to rise higher and higher on the

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Sergels Torg
holidaysLife in Sweden

“Julskyltning” or “skyltsöndag” as it is usually called is a tradition in Sweden since mid-late 19th century. In the middle of the 19th-century the shops started make special preparations before Christmas by decorating their display windows. It took a few years and in the late 19th-century it made a breakthrough

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