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Swedish National Park Map
Copyright: Naturvårdsverket

One of my favorite sites to see when visiting a country is national parks. Usually they are protected for a reason, because of their unique beauty.

Sweden has some amazing national parks. I have of yet to see any of them, because I seem to live smack dab in the middle where no national parks are (Go Skellefteå!) But no worries, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has a great website in English giving you all the information you need to know about the national parks in Sweden. You can bet they are on my to do list, and I will update my blog as I go through them.

There are currently 29 national parks, with the first one being established over 100 years ago. Most of the nature I see around me is gorgeous, so I can only imagine the kind of beauty these national parks hold – or I can check out the amazing website of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and see some images!

And unlike National Parks in the United States, Swedish National Parks are completely free to enter. See, high taxes do pay for some things in the end! 🙂

I think my first stop is going to have to be Skuleskogen National Park. It is on the way from our usual route from Stockholm to Skellefteå, and when my parents come to visit on a moose hunting trip it would be a great place to show them the amazing Swedish nature.

Skuleskogen National Park
Skuleskogen National Park Copyright: Naturvårdsverket

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