Cloudberry picking adventures in Sweden

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Yesterday it was time for some cloudberry picking! We drove by car this time, and glad we did – for it was perfect couldberry picking weather! (insert sarcasm)

Raining on the road in Sweden

Luckily by the time we arrived at the berry patch, it wasn’t raining so badly. I had my rain jacket, boots, camera and basket, ready to go!

Hilary ready for berry picking

We went out into the forest looking for berries – unfortunately somebody already beat us to it! We went deeper into the forest hopping to find some they had missed.

The best part about berry picking (and mushroom picking) is being out in nature, and not having anybody near you. Even with the not-so-good weather it was beautiful.

Nature in Sweden

The mosquitoes were out (always wear long sleeves, no matter how hot it is!) but we also ran into some other forest creatures, frogs! This little guy was cute and posed with me for a picture.

Swedish frog

There were a few cloudberries to be found- this one is a bit deformed and looks more like a flower!

Cloudberry flower

I also ran into a giant mushroom! Unfortunately I don’t have mushroom picking education, so this one was lucky.

Swedish Mushroom

We decided to give up – we got a few cloudberries but this patch didn’t have many to start with and someone beat us too it. So we headed down the road again…

Dirty Road

Our driver was going a bit too fast on this bumpy dirt road – we hit a rock – which hit the oil pan in the van. We raced home, to find this beautiful oil leak.

Oil leak

Ops, don’t drive fast folks! It’ll cost ya 🙂

In the end, we did get some yummy cloudberries.

loudberry score!

To eat them like the Swedes, just add sugar, some cream, and enjoy your desert!

Cloudberries sugar and cream

6 thoughts on “Cloudberry picking adventures in Sweden”

  1. Ha ha, the mushrooms are HUGE here. I want to take a class so I can pick them and cook them (Czechs love to pick mushrooms). Yes, and there are tons of frogs here! Next time I will try to get a better pic for you 😉

  2. I LOVE mushrooms….the good ones not the psycho ones 😉 And I LOVE froggies….and now I sound like I am on “special” mushrooms!! lol

  3. That looks like a stensopp, one of the finest mushrooms you can find in the swedish nature.

    If people don’t understand what you mean with ‘stensopp’, say ‘karljohan-svamp’ instead. Popularly named after the king Karl XIV Johan.

    According to wikipedia it has several names in english: “penny bun, porcino or cep”


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