Moose Meat Air Dried

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Swedes love their älg kött* (moose meat). At least my Swedish family does, and I’m no complainer. It is low in fat, as a unique taste, and can easily replace beef in any recipe (I make moose tacos, moose hamburgers, moose lasagna, and it all turns out yummy!)

My far*-in-law is a weird food expert. He always has the most bizarre food ready for me to taste. The newest thing was luft torkat (air dried) moose meat.

Moose Meat Air Drying

Basically you soak the moose meat in a solution of water and salt and then hang it outside to air dry. This was as outside as you could dare get in a suburb.

Drying Moose Meat

Can you find the moose meat?

The result is a very dry yet salt and raw version of moose meat.

Moose meat

He said that many dip it in coffee and then eat it. I thought that made it just taste like coffee. It was great with some bread and cheese.


Swedish vocabulary

älg kött – moose meat (Pronounced “ellie shut” for us Americans)

far – father

luft torkat – air dried

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    • Yes, it does a bit! It is very salty, but I would say not as stiff as beef jerky, maybe b/c the meat is raw?


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