Wildlife in Norrland: Reindeer

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Really, how can I complain when on a Sunday morning this is what I get to wake up to?

Reindeer in our backyard

I was fascinated! What beautiful creatures! My Swede, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered to even to get out of bed to look. He said “Now, if they were moose, that would be a different story…”

Hmmm, is that just because he knows how good moose tastes, or because he is allowed to hunt moose? Who knows.

Reindeer in Norrland

The reindeer in Sweden are all owned by the Sami, who are the native people of Sweden (kinda like the native Americans in the States or the First Nations in Canada). Since the Sami own all the reindeer, Swedes are not allowed to hunt the reindeer like they are moose. The Sami herd the reindeer (though sadly I didn’t see any Sami around these reindeer), and in the old days they use to actually follow the reindeer around. Nowadays they take trucks and sometimes even helicopters to herd them around.

So maybe that is why my Swede dislikes reindeer so much. He isn’t able to hunt them. Or maybe it is because they love to eat the salt on the roads and will just stand in the road enjoying themselves, not even bothering to move for cars. How rude.Reindeer in Sweden

Whatever the reason, I think they are beautiful creatures and it made my day to see some in our backyard (even without the Sami).

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