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Upcoming: Spring Release

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Within the next two or three weeks, thousands and thousands of spectators will attend an age-old event which just recently started to become a public spectacle: the spring release of the cattle.

We’re on our way to meet our admirers! Picture from
We’re on our way to meet our admirers!
Picture from

Many of today’s children in the cities have never seen a cow and believe that milk in square cartons is produced in a factory; i.e. believing that a dairy is some kind of brewery.


This was the reason for the big Swedish dairy corporations, in cooperation with farmers all over the country, to launch the spring release of cattle as a public event some ten years ago: kids should have a chance to see a cow close.



Today, numerous events of ”Kosläpp” (=cow release) are announced all over the country, to take place in the early weekends of May. Most often, the event takes place on a Saturday morning when people are free from their jobs and can bring their children.

The events usually attract about 1,000 visitors at each farm with kilometer-long lines of parked cars on the dirt roads, as seen in the picture to the right.
Now I can hear you asking ”how can such a non-event be so popular?”

Yippee! I’m loose! And the grass is green! Picture from farmer’s site
Yippee! I’m loose! And the grass is green!
Picture from the farmer’s site

Well… if you’ve never seen a cow with a ten-gallon udder jump three feet in the air, prancing and galloping like a race horse, this will be your chance to have the experience.

Multiply this image by 100, and you have a field full of cattle jumping, dashing, butting each other, rubbing their heads in the grass… it’s a hilarious spectacle.

No wonder really. If you’ve spent the last seven months chewing dry hay and vapid ensilage confined to a cowhouse without windows, it must be an overwhelming experience to come out in the sun, seeing fresh green and juicy grass!

Life’s a feast!

Cows on the loose Picture from
Cows on the loose
Picture from

And it begins right now! Mooooh!

Cows in space Picture from
Cows in space
Picture from


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