Why Should I Learn Swedish?

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Sweden has the best English in the world for a country where English is not a native language. That is pretty impressive. So why would any American, Canadian, Australian, British, or Kiwi want to learn Swedish in the first place?

Well, first off, there is no better way to get a sense of a culture than learning the language of that culture. The nuances of a language give you great insight! Now we all know that you don’t need to learn Swedish in order to get around and do general traveling to Sweden. But just because you don’t need to, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

Secondly, if you do take the time to learn Swedish, Swedes are generally impressed. Sure, it is hard to speak to them because their English is so perfect, and your Swedish, well, let’s face it, it could use some work. But they won’t make you feel any more uncomfortable and when you speak Swedish, most likely you will put a smile on a Swede’s face.

Thirdly, if your native language is English, you will be happy to hear that Swedish is one of the easier languages to learn. Now, if it is your first foreign language, it is going to be hard. Learning any language is hard, especially the first time around. But just be grateful that it isn’t any more complicated than its vowels and if you still start to feel down and depressed about it, take a look at English. Hole and Whole? Beer and Bear? (yes, Swedes get that one mixed up ALL the time). English is pretty hard too, and you mastered that language in no time!

Lastly, if you do learn Swedish, you will forever be a Swedish Freak. And that is something to be proud of!

What reasons do you have for learning Swedish?

10 thoughts on “Why Should I Learn Swedish?”

    • So true! I know Swedish has similar words, but English is just as hard 🙂 One goose, two geese, one moose, two…..?

  1. …learned Swedish because of the literature…
    and because I can read in Norwegian and Danish as well… learn One language, get three

  2. The sound of the language is amazing! And I am having a bad time trying to learn it…but it’s so worthy (Note: I’m trying to learn all by myself, there’s no swedish class in my town) I guess that’s make me a real Swedish freak, right?!?!?!?!

  3. I really want to learn this language since I’ve been reading so many books from there, so why not try to learn the language? I’m really excited to get started on learning this!


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