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Giant Fish from Norrland

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Norrland! Gotta love it. This video went viral on Tuesday when two teens caught a giant pike fish while fishing in Norrland. This fish weighed in at over 30lbs and 4 feet long.

While it is a huge fish, pike is not usually eaten in Sweden (though it is a delicacy in France). Still, a fun catch!

Warning, they do scream. This is a perfect time to practice listening to Swedish (or at least Norrlandska). Here are some words they repeat.

Filma på fisken! – Film the fish!

Jävla – Damn

Han inte slut. – he isn’t done.

SE DU, VILKEN MONSTER! – Do you see, what a monster!

större – bigger

Ok, so I only gave some phrases to the first part of the video as it is 9 minutes long. But what fun!

Why not practice your Swedish and tell me what you hear them say in the comments below!


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