IKEA “recalls” dressers, Americans can’t follow directions

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Make sure your IKEA dressers are fastened to the wall!

We all know and love IKEA for being super Swedish, and super cheap. At least they have cute, affordable furniture. I love the story of the founder of IKEA (which obviously I need to do a blog post about, as I just realize I have not!).

IKEA is recalling 27 million dressers after two children die from the dressers falling over on them, as Americans have seemed to skip a few steps in following the IKEA instructions. Recalling meaning IKEA is giving away free wall fasteners.

IKEA furniture isn’t known to be sturdy. Children are known to get into trouble. Apparently those two do not mix. IKEA is offering more free wall fasteners so you can still have your amazing Swedish furniture without hurting anybody.

As I’m reading the Swedish articles about this (which my phone was notified with my two amazing news apps, which I got after finding the best apps for learning Swedish), it seems like they are kinda blaming the United States.

Det är ett problem i USA att man inte använder väggfästen. Det är inte specifikt kopplat till våra möbler.

This was stated by Tina Kargum, the informationschef or Information Director of Ikea Sverige.  My translation?

It is a problem in the United States that they don’t use wall fasteners. It isn’t a specific connection to our furniture.

Um, ok, but then why is your furniture being recalled? Oh, that is right. Americans are a bit sue happy. Better be safe than sorry!

IKEA is not doing the same recall in Sweden. Why? Apparently following instructions is enough to keep your children safe.

Tina Kargum states, regarding this recall and Sweden:

Det är inget vi har diskuterat. Men självklart är säkerhet alltid viktigt, och det är viktigt att man följer våra säkerhetsinstruktioner.

It isn’t anything we have discussed. But clearly safety is always important, and it is important that people follow our safety instructions.

This is another story to go on the United States “is awesome” list. Like McDonald’s warning on the cup that coffee may be hot and burn you!  Ok Ikea Sverige, nice play.

People in America, be like Sweden. Please fasten ALL of your furniture to the wall. Your children’s lives may depend on it!

On a more serious note, the Consumer Product Safety Commission states:

A child dies every two weeks and a child is injured every 24 minutes in the U.S. from furniture or TVs tipping over, according to CPSC data.

This isn’t just IKEA furniture. They have a website called Anchor It which talks about why you should anchor your furniture. Please do!



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