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New Swedish Invention: Vulkan Pizza

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If you have ever lived in Sweden, you will know what the true national dish is.

Pizza. What they do with pizza is genius. My favorite was when they took a whole pizza, added some ranch, and rolled it up into a large burrito like sandwich. Yum!

Well, something new has come on the market in Piteå, from the pizza makers of Gul och Bla (Yellow and Blue)

The Vulkan Pizza! With bacon, salami, beef fillet, french fries, veggies and garlic sauce, this pizza is probably worth the 120kr ($15) it costs. Yum!

They posted the picture above and it went so viral that Aftonbladet wrote an article on it, along with many other news stations in Sweden. I’ve even seen my friends on Facebook posting of picture of the pizza before they tried it (lucky dogs!). Apparently it showed up on the Ellen Show too.

Aftonbladet sent someone out to try this pizza. Of course, they got it on video. His say? It tastes really good.

Watch the video below and practice your Swedish!


  1. carol
    April 16, 2016 at 10:36 — Reply

    I’m married to a Swede and when we visit Sweden, pizza is a big deal (he thinks they are awesome and better than those in the US… I think the regular ones are cardboard painted red with some cheese melted on them… and the specialty ones are often worse…who the hell would think to put bananas on pizza??? It’s an abomination!)

    But the thing that tickles me most about pizza in Sweden is that everyone has their own individual pizza… even ones this honkin’ big is eaten by one lone person! Seems so odd to me because in general Swedes seem to be much more moderate eaters (volume-wise) compared to people in the US.

    • April 16, 2016 at 10:48 — Reply

      Its so true! I only like Swedish pizza folded up into a sandwhich so I can eat it all 😀

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