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A Look at Immigration in Sweden

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James Traub takes an in depth look at immigration in Sweden in his article “The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth“. He follows with:

Little Sweden has taken in far more refugees per capita than any country in Europe. But in doing so, it’s tearing itself apart.

Anybody who is a Swedish Freak should take the time to read this.

As I read the article, I recalled sitting in my Swedish class with immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. I never got to know any of them because I flew through the classes, eager to get to work.

While I do believe this article is a bit more “anti” immigration than being non partisan, it still brings up the ultimate question.

Do we help others even if it means we have to sacrifice something in our life?

These are people fleeing war. Many would rather stay in the place where they call home, it just is no longer safe.

Do we save ourselves and our lifestyles and say “don’t let anybody in, we have no room!”

Or do we provide room for our fellow humans even if it means that it may hurt us.

Then we add into the equation the fact that they come from a different culture and religion. Or do we?

I watch a lot of “end of days” type movies. I think I like them because when we are left with survival, then our real humanity comes out. What kind of human do I want to be? The one who lets the person in, even if it means risking my life? Or do I do anything to survive, even if it means leaving my fellow humans behind?

Me, personally, I’m more Swedish. I want to help people who need help. If that means I have to give something up, this is fine. (Easy for me to say as I live in a country that is discussing putting up a wall and letting nobody in.)

And there is a risk that immigration will change your country (Look what happened to the United States. Now we are nothing but immigrants, native americans are the forgotten minority.) Change, though, will happen no matter what. Especially in these global and technological times.

It’s easy for people to have opinions about what is going on with immigration in Sweden when we don’t live there. What are your thoughts after reading this article?


  1. Rebecca
    January 19, 2017 at 13:43 — Reply

    I don’t understand why you would think this article is in any way anti-immigration. It shows no flavor of that. The author is stating numeric facts with peer reviewed references– supply vs. demand and the yield when one outweighs the other; or what Sweden’s neighbors are doing. There were no talks about how Sweden should stop accepting immigrants point blank or how the author doesn’t support an open-boarder-policy. To not accept a single immigrant based on a personal bias or fear is anti-immigration, not to be confused with lack of resources and space.

    • January 19, 2017 at 16:13 — Reply

      Because anything can be spun, such as a birth of a new nation due to the generosity of Swedes. According to this, Sweden is dead, because of immigration and refugees, just from the title. That seems a bit negative to me.

  2. Isabel
    March 18, 2017 at 18:25 — Reply

    I agree with Rebecca. This article is not anti-immigration. It explains clearly what is wrong with an out of control immigration policy that Sweden has.

    I do think you should educate yourself a lot more about Swedish immigration. It is a complete mess because Sweden does not have any, any plans to integrate not only the educated immigrants but also its refugees.
    Just watch this:

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