Escape Trump, Move to Sweden

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Everyone seems to be surprised about what happened on Tuesday. That is ok. If you want to escape Trump, there is at least one Swedish company willing to help.

A Swedish advertising company, Round & Round, based in Stockholm, has put up a website called “The Great Trump Escape.” Since 1/4 of Americans would consider moving outside of the US if Trump becomes president, here American creatives can submit their portfolio and Round & Round will consider it (if Trump is elected).

As a Stockholm based agency with international clients, we are currently looking for native English speaking creatives. So we thought, “hey, why not give some of those American advertising people a break?”. You are, after all, pretty talented. There’s a lot of great work coming out of America!

That’s why we put up this website. Just submit a link to your portfolio, and we’ll only receive it in case Donald Trump is elected president of the United States in November.

Luckily? for some, Trump won, so now this agency will consider us. Woot!

Who is behind the Great Trump Escape?

round and roundRound & Round is a Swedish advertising agency based in Stockholm that “thinks like a PR agency and works like a content agency.”

Round, the Swedish way?

Round & Round says their name comes from round tables.

We love round tables. Everyone can talk to everyone and each person around the table has the opportunity to be heard. The round shape simply makes it impossible to place someone on the edge. That’s why we have built our organisation, our work environment and our processes on the round shape.

To me, that sounds simply Swedish.  I am ready for fight for people’s freedoms and rights here in the U.S..  However, after reading what Round & Round is all about, I miss Sweden terribly. Maybe I’ll apply…

American Swedish Freaks, what do you think? Ready to escape to Sweden?

Swedish Swedish Freaks, ready to help us out?

6 thoughts on “Escape Trump, Move to Sweden”

  1. I so wish I could move out of the u.s. I am scared! Unfortunately, I am a single mom of 6 with very little resources who has a very tiny home business (Etsy and the farmers market) and can not afford to move. I don’t know if any countries would approve it!

    • I am scared too. Just continue to peacefully speak out for what is right and love everybody even if they don’t love you back. We will get through this together with love.

  2. Ya, I want to move to Sweden. I am 50% Swedish-American.
    I can trace my Swedish ancestry all the way back to
    1600’s Sweden. My late father was 100% Swedish. My
    husband does not want to move to Sweden because
    he said we would be further away from our son. That is
    why airplanes were invented. I want to move to Sweden
    so badly to get away from our next POTUS. But I can’t.
    I can’t leave my husband and son. I appreciate the chance
    to express my feelings.


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