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Gävle Goat Burns Again

Gävle’s famous Christmas goat just celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.  Sadly, overnight, it was burned down by arsonists over night.  Watch the reaction of a Swedish news program as they report the breaking news (in Swedish! Time to practice your Swedish!)

This isn’t the first time either! Of the 50 years the Gävle goat has been built, it has burned down 35 times.  It seems arsonists just can’t help to set fire to a giant goat made of straw.

Check out the fun festival that Gävle had in order to celebrate the Christmas goat.

They are discussing the option of building the goat again, at least until Lucia. There are costs involved in that though, and there are always risks that the arsonists will try to burn the goat down again.

What do you think? Should Gävle build the goat or let it rest in peace?

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