What is going on in Sweden and Europe?

Pray for Brussels
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I’ve always tried to keep Swedish Freak in the positive.  It isn’t hard because Sweden is pretty awesome!

However, with the recent attacks in Brussels, I’m realizing that not being a part of the conversation is adding to the problem.

I’m the first to admit, I avoid a lot of this negative stuff. I don’t watch the news much because it seems just depressing. Now, though, I’m wondering, what is going on in Europe?

Yes, there is an immigration crisis.   Yes, the immigrants are mainly Muslim.

What I don’t get are the attacks.  What I don’t get is groups like “Soldiers of Odin” popping up in Norway, Estonia, Finland, and now Sweden.  This anti-migrant group is roaming the streets because crime is up and the police resources are down.

What’s the mood like in Sweden? My friend Johan, texted me when he heard about Brussels.  I asked him, what’s going on in Sweden?

“Extra police at the bigger airports.”

Do they think there will be an attack there?

“Not really, but it fuels the fear that we have extremists here that followed the stream of refugees.”

Geez.  This is not the Sweden I know.

I’m not saying one side is right and the other is wrong. Except when it comes to violence and killing of fellow human beings.  That is something I cannot condone.

Not all immigrants are Muslim.

Not all Muslims are terrorists.

Not all people with blond hair and blue eyes are Nazis.

I know there is frustration with the immigrants and the way Sweden is handling it.  I just am hoping the hate isn’t spreading as much as it seems to be spreading.

I see it here.  It is amazing how many of my friends aren’t tolerant of Muslims.  They really don’t realize that ISIS are the extremists and that the majority of Muslims are loving, kind people. (I had the luck of going to a mosque with a good friend of mine. It was an awesome experience!)

I’m starting the conversation.  First, by asking you, those of you that have direct experience living in Sweden and Europe the last year.  What are you seeing? What are you thinking? What are your opinions? What are your fears? What is going on?

Second, I will be reporting more on what is going on in the news regarding immigration and diversity in Sweden.

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