Best Apps for Learning Swedish 2017

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Looking to learn Swedish on your iPhone? There are tons of apps out there, but which ones are worth your time and energy?


I’ve gone a little crazy and downloaded every app that was targeted for adults on the iTunes Store that was free.  (Sorry guys, I love you, but I’m not buying all the paid apps out there to test them out.)  A lot of these free versions are great, because it will give you a sense of the app and once you are committed and learning you can upgrade to enhance your Swedish even more!

Below you can see the review of the best apps for learning Swedish 2017.  I’ve given you a little detail on what they do, why I like them, and if they passed the “How are you?” test.

Best Apps for Learning Swedish in 2017

Best App for Learning to Speak Swedish

Mondly: Learn Swedish

Mondly learn Swedish app

Download here on iTunes

I have to say I am quite impressed with this app!

The stats are pretty cool, so you can keep track of the words you are learning, how much you are studying, etc, for geeks like me who love numbers.

You practice listening, translating from English, and writing in this app.  (The one thing about the writing is it won’t correct ö, å or ä for you.  So be careful as that will change the sound and meaning of words if you mix those up!

I do believe this app is missing the ability to learn vocabulary before you are asked to translate. But it really isn’t so hard, when you go into a new lesson and you hear a word you don’t know, or see an English word you don’t know (they show the English meaning and say it in Swedish, and then you must write it), you simply click on the English word and the Swedish will pop up. (This only works if the English word is underlined.)

And this will teach you to speak full sentences. It goes immediately into teaching you how to say, write and understand sentences like “Jag har en hund” in the free version.

When you click on the underlined verb in the English sentence, it will give you a break down of how to say it for all pronouns in the present, past, and future (which is really cool).

It will even check your pronunciation where you have to speak Swedish into the microphone. Practice makes perfect!

I have to say, out of all of the apps I’ve reviewed, this is by far my favorite for learning Swedish!

Best Apps to Learn Swedish Vocabulary

The app above is great for learning to speak Swedish. But vocabulary, knowing different nouns and verbs to put sentences together, are important too! These apps below are specifically great for learning Swedish words.

Learn Swedish Language & Vocabulary 6000 Words

Learn Swedish Langauge Vocabulary App

Download now on iTunes

This is a great app for learning vocabulary (and it’s pretty adorable too, with its bee mascot!)

You can pick different topics and subtopics for vocabulary (for example, one topic is “work” and the subtopics are “office”, “computer”, “media”, “law”, “farm”, etc.

There are different ways of learning the vocabulary.  First, I recommend reviewing the vocabulary, which is the vocabulary section. Then you can go into different forms of learning the word, helping the vocabulary stick!

With “Listening & Writing”, you will get a picture of the word, and it will be pronounced.  Then from 8 to 10 letters, you need to spell out the word. In “Write Word”, you need to fill in the blanks of the word (there is a picture) and once you spell the word, it will be pronounced.  When you study with “Listen & Choose”, you will be shown 4 pictures, with the English written below.  The Swedish word will be pronounced, and then from the 4 images, you need to pick which Swedish word was said.

These are just a few ways that you can learn vocabulary on this app. They also have “Choose Word”, “Find Image” and “Match Word”.  All of these are different ways for your brain to pick up the Swedish word, and make sure you know how to spell it, say it, think of it when spoken in English, and know what it means in Swedish.  By far this is the top app for learning Swedish vocabulary.

Learn Swedish – Free WordPower

Learn Swedish Free Power Word App

Download on iTunes.

Just a warning, this app does not pass the “How are you?” test, which always makes me a bit nervous.  However, this seems to be a common mistake and doesn’t mean that the app isn’t useful!

The free basic vocabulary is really useful.  They start with everyday words and then slowly work your way up to other words that may be less common.

You can simply scan through all the words through the app, and when you are ready you can start using flash cards to put these words into memory.  They even have a flash card section where you can go over only the flashcards that you have missed, strengthening your vocabulary even more!

I have had the pronunciation of words on this app break on me a few times.  There is an easy fix, just restart your phone and the app will start working again as before!

Best Swedish Dictionary Apps

Offline English Swedish Dictionary

Offline English Swedish Dictionary AppDownload now on iTunes

This dictionary is great, besides the fact that you don’t need an internet connection to use it. I like that it gives you multiple options for a word.

Also, in order to improve your Swedish, you can star words you look up to study them in your favorite’s spot.

When you upgrade you can get the pronunciation of the Swedish words and the ads will be removed. (I didn’t buy the full version so can’t tell you if it is a native Swedish speaker or the Siri type robotic voice speaker).

In any case, the free version is pretty powerful, and with the ability to save the words you are looking up to memorize them, I’m betting after awhile you won’t be needing the dictionary!

Swedish <> English Dictionary + Vocabulary Trainer

Swedish English dictionary app

Download now on iTunes

This is another great dictionary that includes 71,670 words.  It’s offline as well, so you don’t be need connected to the internet in order to use it.

As you start typing the word you want to look up, this dictionary will give you suggestions on what word it could be, saving you time for some of those longer Swedish words.

Another bonus is that if you find words that aren’t in the dictionary, you can add it.  This is great for slang or local lingo you may here and want to add to your dictionary for future reference.

Like the dictionary above, you can save words in order to study them later.


Well, that is all I have for you.  If you download any apps for learning Swedish, then I recommend using these! Remember, if you practice Swedish only 30 minutes a day, you will see vast improvements in only a few months! Learning a new language takes practice, and Swedish isn’t easy.  But keep practicing and before you know it, you too will be a Swedish speaker.

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