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The Dessert Sweden is Talking About

What do you get when you cross a princesstårt and a semla? Why, a Princess Semla of course!

A bakery in the town of Nässjö, Sweden (south of Stockholm) has come up with the semla (plural is semlor) of the year. (Don’t know what a semla is? Check out our amazing semlor recipe!)

Everyone seems to be talking about this amazing semla all over Sweden, and it is just in time for Fat Tuesday, or the day everyone in Sweden eats semlor.  Aftonbladet says it is “The Best of Two Worlds” and Elle Wine and Food says it is “This Year’s Most Talked About Semla.”

The Princess Semla went viral on their Facebook page. Here is a great video on how they make the delicious treat.

Who is behind this evilly delicious combination?


Markus Ekelund from Thimon’s Confessionary and Bakery, whose slogan is “A passion for good taste”, was the one who dreamed up the idea.  He said he had it a few years ago, but it took a few experiments before he got it just right.

Tack Markus! The world is a better place with the princess semla!

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