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Swedishness Podcast: Do Swedes Actually Do Any Work? (episode 5)

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Well yes! I actually find Swedes to be one of the most efficient types of people (think IKEA). But one may question when Swedes actually DO their work, as the Swedishness episode 5 podcast points out:

Employees in Sweden get more paid holiday than nearly any other country in the world – a guaranteed minimum of 25 days a year. Add to that around a dozen public holidays. When the Swedes actually are at work, they’re bound to spend an average of 25 per cent of their time in meetings, aiming for consensus. And let’s not forget, they’re legally entitled to coffee breaks. So, with all these things considered, when do Swedes actually get any work done?

Good question! And as I read this, all I can think is “no wonder I want to live there!”.

Enjoy episode 5 of Swedisness!


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