Sweden in Quarterfinals in World Cup 2018

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Like Sweden? Are you a soccer (or football if you are in Europe) fan as well? Now is the time to tune in to the World Cup being held in Russia this year, as Sweden has made it to the quarterfinals!


Sweden is moving on to the quarterfinals after beating Switzerland 1-0.  You can see the highlights in the video below. CBS Sports also has a good breakdown of the match on their blog.

Sweden is set to play England this Saturday, 7 am PST, 4 pm CET.  And if they win, they will go on to play in the semifinals. They will either play Russia or Croatia, depending who wins the game on Saturday, 8 pm CET.  Things are getting exciting!

Google has a great chart that shows the progress of the World Cup 2018World Cup 2018 quarterfinals Sweden

On the other side, Uruguay will be playing France this Friday and Brazil will play Belgium.  One of these will go up against the final winner in our bracket, which will be played on Wednesday the 11th at 8 pm CET or 11 am PST. (Fingers crossed it is Sweden!)

Where to Watch the World Cup Quarterfinals 2018

Ok, so the most important question is where to watch! Obviously, that depends on where you are and what you have access to. If you have cable, I would check your sports channel.  For example, in the US I know it is playing on Fox Sports. Hulu and Sling TV also offer the world cup if you are a subscriber, but again, for the US only.

If you aren’t able to watch online, always check your local sports bar. Most likely they are playing one or all of the matches!

If you don’t want to go out and can’t find an online or cable option, then you can always watch the live blog of the match for a bit of the fun. Most likely what I will be doing unless I play with a VPN!

Will you be watching and cheering for Sweden?

Remember, you don’t need to live in Sweden to be a Swedish Freak nor football fan!

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