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Hello and welcome to Swedish Freak!

You have stumbled (but not so haphazardly, I do hope) upon our Swedish website, which is intended to provide a safe haven for Sweden-lovers, or potential Sweden-lovers, as the case may be.

Do you have an undying love of Sweden, or an obsession with the Swedish culture? Are you as of yet not quite sure if you love Sweden, but are interested in learning more about Sweden, the Swedish language, and Swedes? In either case, you have come to the right place!

The Beginning of Swedish Freak: Hilary

midsommer in swedenI’m Hilary, aka Missfoster, an American who moved to Skellefteå, Sweden in April 2010.

You may ask yourself, why would anybody want to move to this small town way up north, where moose outnumber people (well, that isn’t completely true, but feels like it sometimes) and it gets -40C during the winter (that part, sadly, is true).

Love, of course! And while love of a certain Swede moved me to this small town, it is the love of Sweden itself that built this website.

This is the second time in my life I’ve moved all of my possessions to a new and foreign country. I didn’t know much about Sweden before I came to visit there, except that ABBA came from Sweden, they are blond and blue eyed, and have something to do with IKEA. But as my experiences grew, so did my knowledge of this fabulous country and wonderful culture.

In January of 2012, while love was still there, it was realized that perhaps a life long partnership was not in our future. So I left Sweden, but I didn’t lose my love for this amazing country and decided to grow this website and have Swedish Freaks from around the world write about Sweden and its complete and utter awesomeness. So while this small site started with my small love, it is growing into a giant love for an amazing country!

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Everything Swedish: Pulling Out All the Stops

As we endeavor to do a variety of wild and wacky things here, and consequently encounter the Swedish culture, we will update with Swedish cuisine and recipes, books by Swedish authors, films made in Sweden, or anything else distinctly Swedish.

So far, we have started to add reviews of Swedish books, reviews of Swedish movies, and a few Swedish recipes! For those of you daring enough to learn the Swedish language, we have also put together an amazing list of resources for learning Swedish online for free.

We do hope to hear from our readers, so if you have any questions about Sweden, the Swedish language, or anything else having to do with Sweden, then please feel free to drop us a note or leave a comment. Think we missed something great? Let us know!



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