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    Swedish Interior Design Style in Nine Words

    By Guest Blogger / April 8, 2018

    You might recognise Swedish style when you see it, but when you actually set out to create your own Swedish style interior, it can be more difficult than you expected. Sure, you can play by the rules, but if you do that, you may end up with a sterile space that doesn’t have much individuality. […]


    Why Swedes are Happier Than We Are: An American Perspective

    By Guest Blogger / February 25, 2018

    As an American, I’m aware that most of us would proclaim that we live in the greatest country in the world because we’re the most democratic, wealthy and powerful. But one thing is for sure: we’re not the happiest. Based on my time living in Sweden, it comes as no surprise to me that this […]


    Where To Watch Football In Sweden

    By Guest Blogger / January 20, 2018

    People traveling to Europe don’t necessarily think of Sweden as being one of the premier destinations for watching football. Just last year, a prominent sports site ranked the most entertaining leagues in world football and made no mention of the Allsvenskan (which for those who aren’t aware is the top flight in the Swedish football […]


    My Gothenburg Christmas Delight

    By Guest Blogger / January 22, 2014

    From what I had heard and read, Sweden is a country of innovation. Just take Ikea for example. A furniture business that not only sells their wares disassembled for convenience, production value and price point but excites people to master the skill of carpentry with little more than a pack of screws and a pictorial […]


    From Stockholm to South America

    By Guest Blogger / November 12, 2013

    We’ll never know if there were any native Swedes among the crews of Vikings that were the first Europeans to set foot in the Americas, but later waves of Swedish migrants arriving in North America aboard the famous liners of the Cunard Line were among the main settlers of the Mid-Western United States, helping make […]


    How to get traditional Swedish style in your home

    By Guest Blogger / November 7, 2013

    (without visiting Ikea!) Unfortunately for a lot of us the instant connection made when we think of Swedish design is world-wide home interiors giant Ikea, but there is so much more to beautiful traditional Swedish interior design than this. Natural materials, light-reflecting mirrors, fireplaces, stylish functional furniture and cosy textiles all combine to create an […]