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    Hilary lived two years in Norrland, Sweden (Northern Sweden) and fell in love with the country. She lives in Prague, Czechia and hopes to one day soon return to Sweden.


    How Sweden Overhauled Its Gambling Regulation

    By SwedishFreak / May 30, 2019

    Sweden is home to some of the biggest European gambling groups – it has the Kindred Group, the company behind the well-known Unibet brand, and Betsson, a business covering several Nordic countries. Despite such major brands calling it home, Sweden’s local gambling market was a state monopoly – officially, at least. International operators did target […]


    Sweden in Quarterfinals in World Cup 2018

    By SwedishFreak / July 4, 2018

    Like Sweden? Are you a soccer (or football if you are in Europe) fan as well? Now is the time to tune in to the World Cup being held in Russia this year, as Sweden has made it to the quarterfinals! via GIPHY Sweden is moving on to the quarterfinals after beating Switzerland 1-0.  You […]


    Melodifestivalen 2018 Kicks Off in Karlstad, Sweden

    By SwedishFreak / February 4, 2018

    Melodifestivalen 2018 kicked off on Saturday night! Melodifestivalen is the music competition where Sweden picks the performer that will represent them at Eurovision in Lisbon this year. This year’s competition started in Karlstad with the first semi-final and will travel around different cities, with the final being held at Friend’s Arena in Stockholm. How does Melodifestivalen work? […]


    How to Say I Love You in Swedish & Other Romantic Phrases

    By SwedishFreak / January 26, 2018

    Jump Straight to the Infographic I recently found out that quite a few people want to know how to say I love you in Swedish. Always a useful and beautiful phrase to know. I thought it would be useful if I put together the ultimate blog post for romantic Swedish phrases. Hopefully, you can either […]


    New Products: Swedish Quotes Tote Bag & Mug

    By SwedishFreak / January 24, 2018

    A few weeks ago we added two new products to our shop! Now you can get a tote bag and mug with a bunch of Swedish proverbs! The tote bag is only $25 and is perfect for being green. Use this instead of a plastic bag at the grocery store.  It is also great for […]


    Swedish Yellow Split Pea Soup Recipe

    By SwedishFreak / January 22, 2018

    Swedish yellow split pea soup, or Ärtsoppa, is a classic Swedish dish. It has been traditionally served on Thursdays in Sweden since the middle ages and is sometimes followed up with Swedish pancakes for dessert. This is a great, simple dish, with only a few ingredients and is perfect for a cold winter day. Ingredients 1 […]


    Top Swedish Films Recommended by Swedish Freaks

    By SwedishFreak / December 10, 2017

    One of my favorite ways to learn Swedish is to watch Swedish films. Because I don’t live in the country, I have to actively search for what to watch (not many Swedish films are advertised here). So, I went ahead and asked on Swedish Freak’s Facebook page, what is your favorite Swedish film? And I […]


    Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Life Book Giveaway

    By SwedishFreak / August 9, 2017

    Do you know the power of lagom? Lagom, the special Swedish phrase that means “not too much, not too little, just right”. Lagom is a huge part of the Swedish culture. You will get the sense of it when you visit because everything is there is just, well, lagom! There is no reason we can’t […]


    Best Apps for Learning Swedish 2017

    By SwedishFreak / July 12, 2017

    Looking to learn Swedish on your iPhone? There are tons of apps out there, but which ones are worth your time and energy?   I’ve gone a little crazy and downloaded every app that was targeted for adults on the iTunes Store that was free.  (Sorry guys, I love you, but I’m not buying all […]

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