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    Hilary lived two years in Norrland, Sweden (Northern Sweden) and fell in love with the country. She lives in Prague, Czechia and hopes to one day soon return to Sweden.


    Longest Swedish Word

    By SwedishFreak / April 7, 2017

    Ok, ok, well, technically, the longest Swedish word is Realisationsvinstbeskattning (28 letters), which means “capital gain taxation” and is usually shortened to Reavinstskatt.  This is according the Svenska Akademiens ordlista, which is technically correct.  This is the longest word in Swedish. Technically. How boring! Non technically, Swedish grammar allows us to combine words to make a much longer (and […]


    Swedish Freak Shop Update

    By SwedishFreak / April 5, 2017

    Due to limited amount of time (don’t we all have that issue), I can only do so many things. I realized that the shop hasn’t been updated in forever (since Christmas). So I decided it was time to do a little design and update the shop! I’m excited about the new designs that have come out […]


    Swedishness Podcast: Will Sweden Be First to Be Run by Robots? (episode 2)

    By SwedishFreak / March 28, 2017

    Swedishness is the newly released podcast from SI, Swedish Institute. Last time Kattis Ahlström and her co-host and Swedish resident for 12 years, Philip O’Connor, discussed parental leave in Sweden. This time they discuss the point to which Swede’s adapt to technology. They are already headed to be the first cashless country. Now robots? Kattis and Philip […]


    Swede Hatches Egg From Grocery Store

    By SwedishFreak / March 23, 2017

    Even though this happened in January (and I’m just posting it now), but now every time I cook eggs I think of this story! Supposedly this Swedish women, Agneta, heard somewhere that some grocery eggs are fertile and can be hatched if warmed. She gave it a shot with a 6 pack of eggs from Coop […]


    Swedishness Podcast Parental Leave in Sweden (episode 1)

    By SwedishFreak / March 21, 2017

    Sweden knows its awesomeness, and is ready to share it with the world!  Has been for awhile, with great sites like Sweden.se.  This year the Swedish Institute has launched a new podcast called Swedishness. Here is a little information about the podcast: Together with co-host Philip O’Connor, an Irish journalist who has lived in Sweden for 18 […]


    Swedish Dads

    By SwedishFreak / March 14, 2017

    One of my favorite things about Sweden is that maternity leave is referred to paternity leave, because it is for both parents, not just mothers. One of Sweden’s photographers, Johan Bävman, is showing off the Swedish stay-at-home dads with his photo book “Swedish Dads”, which portrays 25 fathers who stay home with their children for 6 months. Check […]


    Start to Work Like a Swede

    By SwedishFreak / January 20, 2017

    Swedes are so awesome, they are willing to share their awesomeness with the rest of the world. The Swedish Part Model is a labor union model where workers and employers work together in order to optimize the labor force. I will let the website, LikeASwede.se, founded by a group of Swedish unions, explain the model itself. […]

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