My Sweet Saga – Brett Sills

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My Sweet Saga

Author: Brett Sills

ISBN-13: 978-0615532134

Price: $15.50 on Amazon or $0.99 for the Kindle edition.

While not written by a Swede, this book is great for Swedish Freaks.

It is a story about an American who meets a Swede who will forever change his life and the crazy adventures that follow…

Resigned, defeated, and barely thirty, Brandon has been living with the benign tumor called life. His wedding to his fiancée, Clarissa, is only a few weeks away. He’s the first to admit, when he can muster the energy, that their romance isn’t the stuff of Casablanca. Clarissa’s parents would have to agree, though he likely wouldn’t understand their Mandarin. His job isn’t rocking his world either, and the dirtiest talk around the cubicle pertains the potty training stories from his married colleague.

Just as Brandon teeters on the brink of damning himself to a tragically lame career and marriage, his absent father, who four years earlier won a mega lottery jackpot, pops up with an unexpected demand: Brandon must join him on a trip to Stockholm, Sweden and accompany him at dinner with a man who could change both their lives. Against his better judgment and expecting disaster, Brandon leaves an irritated Clarissa and joins his father on a three-day trip that may just reroute his destiny.

When he meets the mysterious Swedish man’s daughter, Saga, the romantic in Brandon reawakens and spawns a quirky love triangle that embarks him on a wild ride from which he may never recover. Running amok in Sweden and beyond, his exploits include arrests in two countries, hospital stays, acts of both extreme heroism and abject foolishness, the discovery of unexpected family secrets, and entirely too much public nudity. The journey provides him a much needed jolt that will forever change him, even if it might not be all for the better.

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