The Fifth Women – Henning Mankell

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The Fifth Women by Henning MankellSwedish Title: Femte Kvinnan

Translation: The Fifth Women

Author: Henning Mankell

ISBN-13: 978-1400031566

Price: $10.17 from

Another Kurt Wallander Mystery, The Fifth Women starts off where Sidetracked left off. Detective Wallander returns from vacation in Rome ready to go back to work and hoping that the next few months will be much calmer after the spree of murders in the summer.

When Holger Eriksson is reported missing, not much is thought of it. It is only until Wallander finds Eriksson’s body impaled on bamboo poles in a ditch behind Eriksson’s home does Wallander realize that perhaps work will not be calm any time soon. Soon Wallander is following a string of murders that seem somewhat unrelated, but Wallander’s gut instinct tells him that this is one killer who has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Written in the prospective of both Wallander and the killer, a great tale is spun. Will Wallander catch the killer in time before another life is taken? A quick read that I couldn’t put down, and that kept me guessing until the very end!

If you are not a reader, then check out this story on the Wallander series on PBS.

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