Swedish Adventures in Prague

So what does a girl do when she is gone from Sweden for two months? She brings Sweden to her! Luckily for me I have some fabulous friends up in Skellefteå, and when I told them about how awesome Prague was (and how cheap the beer was) they had to come down to see it … Read more

Välkommen till Prag

Well, in case you haven’t noticed I have been outside of Sweden enjoying life in Prague. Which means cheap beer, warm weather (though I heard Skellefteå has been nice too) and seeing friends. But I have come across some pieces of Sweden. For example, there is an ABBA world going on at the Prague cinema. … Read more

A Piece of Sweden in Dublin Ireland

So the last two weeks I have been traveling, and this week ends me up in Dublin, Ireland. True, I will be missing Swedish Mother’s Day, which is a pity but I am also enjoying Dublin. I never thought that Sweden would be following me! While walking down the streets of Dublin towards the center, … Read more