Moose Meat

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After a season of moose hunting, you end up with a diet like mine and Johan’s. The diet is basically this: moose meat for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Well, I only wish we could have moose meat this often. As large as you think this moose is, it is divided between 4 people and won’t last forever. If you’re a vegetarian I would advise you to skip this section. You probably think I’m stupid and will be disgusted by how I love this food item.

But don’t venture to think that it gets old. It doesn’t. In fact, there are many dishes that can be prepared using moose meat, and we happily nosh on moose meat in all of its steak-like glory.

So, at this point you’re wondering something like, “Aside from the fact you think it makes you a step closer to being like a Swede, what’s the stinking deal with moose meat?” Well, to start with, it’s free. Considering all the time that went into the hunting, skinning, storing, and preparing the meat, that’s almost not true. But what’s true is we didn’t pay for it. Secondly, moose meat is delicious, and is void of a lot of the fat marbled throughout other types of meat.

Preparation of a moose meat and bread fika.
Moose meat simmering on the stove.
Flat bread, boiled moose meat, and cheese.
Flat bread, moose meat, and cheese.

Ways to Prepare Moose Meat

As with any kind of meat, there are various ways to prepare moose meat. These are some of missfoster’s favorite, and some of the specialties!

  • moose hamburgers – great with ground moose meat
  • grilled moose meat – simple enough, cut it up, add some marinade, and start grilling!
  • air dried moose meat – soak the moose meat in salt and then leave it outside to dry
  • smoked moose heart – one of missfoster’s favorites. Too bad a moose only has one heart.
The hunt for moose meat.
The hunt for moose meat.

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