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holidaysLife in Sweden

Fettisdag is today. The day of semlor. Try baking your own semlor so you have plenty to eat and read more about Fat Tuesday in Sweden! Check out the blog post when I first discovered this awesome holiday.  

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foodLife in Sweden

What’s Fat Tuesday? Its the day you eat semlor. Why do you eat semlor? Because it is Fat Tuesday! Today is Fat Tuesday. Last Fat Tuesday I promised I would attempted at making some semlor. Luckily I got a semlor recipe from a friend in Norrland. After you make them,

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Life in Sweden

Wow, a year has come and gone so quickly! 2011 was my first full year in Sweden. And boy how much was learned and experienced! As you may remember, in March I experienced the Northern lights for the first time. I’ve seen them since, and hope to see them much

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foodholidaysLife in Sweden

Fat Tuesday surprised me. I had no idea it was a holiday. I heard a friend was baking some semlor, but I thought he was just in the mood for baking. I had never tried one, it sounded like another typical Swedish godis. But no! It was because it was

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