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James Traub takes an in depth look at immigration in Sweden in his article “The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth“. He follows with: Little Sweden has taken in far more refugees per capita than any country in Europe. But in doing so, it’s tearing itself apart. Anybody who

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We want to build a sustainable society, that takes on climate change while creating new jobs. Well, sign me up! The Swedish Green Party (Miljöpartiet) sounds pretty, well, green.  Equality is huge in Sweden, and the Swedish Green Party is no different, with two spokespersons, a man and a woman, instead

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Pray for Brussels
GeneralLife in Sweden

I’ve always tried to keep Swedish Freak in the positive.  It isn’t hard because Sweden is pretty awesome! However, with the recent attacks in Brussels, I’m realizing that not being a part of the conversation is adding to the problem. I’m the first to admit, I avoid a lot of

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We’ll never know if there were any native Swedes among the crews of Vikings that were the first Europeans to set foot in the Americas, but later waves of Swedish migrants arriving in North America aboard the famous liners of the Cunard Line were among the main settlers of the

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