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I again find myself in Prague, Czech Republic, my home away from home. I love going this time of year, and not only because it is warmer than Skellefteå! This time I wanted to bring my friends something really Swedish. Which got me thinking. What is “Swedish”. We have some

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foodLife in Sweden

Swedes love their älg kött* (moose meat). At least my Swedish family does, and I’m no complainer. It is low in fat, as a unique taste, and can easily replace beef in any recipe (I make moose tacos, moose hamburgers, moose lasagna, and it all turns out yummy!) My far*-in-law

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GeneralLife in Sweden

1. There is a store dedicated solely to alcohol. 2. I can bump people in my way without saying excuse me. 3. Sucking in air is a way to show you are listening. 4. I can complain about the weather along with everyone else. 5. Moose meat: Its whats for

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