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Life in Sweden

You didn’t know there are white moose, did you? No wonder if you didn’t, it doesn’t exist more than 100, maybe 150, and they all live in Värmland. They’re not albinos – albinism is a defect and albinos usually do not live long enough to have offspring – these babies

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foodLife in Sweden

Swedes love their älg kött* (moose meat). At least my Swedish family does, and I’m no complainer. It is low in fat, as a unique taste, and can easily replace beef in any recipe (I make moose tacos, moose hamburgers, moose lasagna, and it all turns out yummy!) My far*-in-law

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foodGeneralHuntingLife in Sweden

Today was the first day of the moose hunting season in Sweden! So of course, we got up at 3:45 am to go moose hunting. Now, I was warned that this would be extremely boring. It consists of hours upon hours of sitting around waiting for a moose. But it

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