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A Piece of Sweden in Dublin Ireland

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So the last two weeks I have been traveling, and this week ends me up in Dublin, Ireland. True, I will be missing Swedish Mother’s Day, which is a pity but I am also enjoying Dublin. I never thought that Sweden would be following me! While walking down the streets of Dublin towards the center, I came across this sign:

The Swedish Food CoTheir logo is “Swedish Food – Because it’s Good”. Ok! So if anybody is ever getting that craving for something Swedish in Dublin, you know where to go! Swedes work there, all of their ingredients are Swedish, they use Swedish recipes and it all looks very yummy. Of course what I immediately recognized was the Swedish open sandwich, particularly with shrimp, yum yum!

Swedish SmorgasWhat cracked me up, or maybe what I didn’t realize was Swedish, is some of the candy I see every day. But it is true, I haven’t seen them anywhere else!

KEXKEX (which for some reason I like to call REX) is a fav. It is a great chocolate wafer candy, that usually sells in Sweden for 20 SEK for 4 of them, when the price is good. Great with tea or coffee.

Swedish ChocolateThese are just typical Swedish chocolates. No godis, but I can imagine those are very hard to import and put in a store.

I think the best part is on their website they have “Hej Do!” instead of “Hej Då”. I’ve seen this many times, and I wonder why? I understand the då may seem hard to pronounce for foreigners. But it isn’t “Hej Do”. If you are going to spell it how it is said, how about “Hey Daw”?

All in all it was surprisingly wonderful to find a food company dedicated to Swedish food!


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