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Skellefteå downtown artBecause I live in Skellefteå, you must have expected a little something more about this town. While Skellefteå is a small town of only 35,000 residents in Norrland, if you like nature it is worth a visit.

There is a cute down town area that has shopping including a mall, movie theater and a statue that looks like… Well, I think you can come to your own conclusions!

The soul of Skellefteå, according to their tourist website, is the small wooden houses in the center which is known as Bonnstan. These were originally built for farmers from surrounding cities for when they would come to Skellefteå to church. It is amazing the condition they are still in when they date back to the 17th century and are made entirely of wood! Nowadays families who own the homes still stay in them, especially during holidays like Midsummer!Wooden cottages in Skellefteå

In the middle of summer for 4 days there is a huge festival that takes place in downtown Skellefteå called Stadsfesten. In the evenings there is live music (they just recently announced Robyn to preform in 2011) along with food and beer (for a price). During the day stands selling various cheap festival items along with festival food, and a carnival! During the day it is free to walk around, but in the evenings you have to buy a ticket which can be more than 60 Euros for one day.

During the winter Skellefteå has a ski slop though the locals aren’t so impressed with it and tend to travel to other ski slopes in the area. I, on the other hand, am just thrilled to have a ski slope only 5 minutes away! The winter does get very very cold so if you decide for a winter trip, dress accordingly!

There is always something to do in Skellefteå, at least according to Skellefteå’s tourist website, which is available in English.

If you do end up making your way to Skellefteå, drop me a line. We can go fika downtown and talk about what makes Sweden so awesome!

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