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Holidays in Sweden are fun-filled occasions that bring merriment and joy to the lives of Swedes. Holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Midsummer, in particular, are widely celebrated and very important.

Public holidays, or “red days”, where Swedes do not have work or school also include New Year’s Day, Epiphany, Good Friday & Easter Monday, Walpurgis Night, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, and St Stephen’s Day. Most holidays in Sweden are rooted in religious tradition, although in this day and age some of these traditions are no longer quite as enunciated as they used to be.


Traditional Midsummer Dress
A Traditional Midsummer Dress

And of course, we cannot forget Waffle Day!

Swedish Waffle

All Swedes get a month off during the summer, and many go on vacations at that time. Popular vacation destinations are warm places such as Italy, Greece, Thailand, and others. When Swedes are on holiday, they really tend to cut loose…

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