Fat Tuesday

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semlorFat Tuesday, or Fettisdag is a traditional holiday in Sweden. And not because they are necessarily Christian (which is where Fat Tuesday comes from, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, where a Christian fasting begins.) But because Swedes love their godis!

So while Swedes will not necessarily fast on Wednesday, they will enjoy fat Tuesday, and the semlor traditionally baked and eaten on this day.

That is about all Swedes do on Fat Tuesday. Eat semlor.

Usually, you can start seeing the semlor season as soon as Christmas is over.  That is, early January.

Fat Tuesday is the day where you are allowed to eat semlor all day.  Some Swedes will even put it in a bowl and pour milk on top of a fresh semlor.  Why not.

If you would like to have your own Fat Tuesday, you can find a recipe for the Swedish semlor.


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