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Nay. Nej. Nope. No.
On Monday, November 12, after nine weeks of deliberations, the Speaker of the Swedish parliament proposed that Ulf Kristersson, chairman[...]
St. Lucia Didn’t Have a Cat, but Xmas Is Coming
Or maybe she had – there’s no record of it, so we don’t really know. Lucia was killed in Syracuse[...]
Continuing Tensions in Swedish Parliament
In the wake of the exciting results of the US midterm election... here’s a report about the unclear situation in[...]
Shuffling the Cards – the Next Steps in Swedish Parliament
The September election created a deadlock in Swedish politics. The two traditional blocks have almost the same strength in the[...]
Struggle for power in the Swedish Parliament
As I predicted before the Swedish election, the political situation in the Swedish parliament has come to a standstill, waiting[...]

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