Gambling in Sweden

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Slot machines in Sweden

Gambling is legal in Sweden. For purchasing lottery tickets, playing slot machines, and gambling online, the min age is 18.

You can see many forms of gambling in local bars or on ferries in the form of slot machines, or black jack.

In Skellefteå, black jack is available to play at various pubs and is the most skilled game you can find without going to a casino.

While gambling is legal, Swedes partake in gambling in a very casual basis. Usually when you see slot machines they are not being played, or there is only one player playing them at a time. Perhaps because it is legal, or perhaps because there was not enough alcohol was involved yet was the reason for this.

Casinos in Sweden

There are only 4 land based (not online) casinos in Sweden and all are called Casino Cosmopol. They are located in Sundsvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. These are large casinos where you can find all types of games including slots, black jack, poker and more. The minimum age to enter and play at these casinos is 20.

All of the casinos are owned by Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel is government run and makes up for 50% of the gambling market in Sweden. They have many brands under them that include Bingo, Poker, online casinos, Lottos, Kino, and much more. Triss is a popular scratch card game that is also run by Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel prides itself on responsible gaming. And because it is run by the government, the profit made by the compoany goes to the national treasury of Sweden.

In 2011, Svenska Spel paid out a total of 12,000,000,000 SEK. 347 of the winners became millionaires.

Online Gambling in Sweden

While land based gambling is legal since 1994, online gambling became legal in 2002. One can see commercials for various online casinos on Swedish television such as BetSafe. Only casinos licensed by the Swedish State may advertise in Sweden.

You can play from online slot machines such as leprechaun slot machines, to online bingo (which is mainly targeted at women), to online poker (and even 3D poker, which is pretty fun!), kino, and more, and unlike the land based casinos run by Svenska Spel, you can play at the age of 18.

There are other casinos where you can play online in Swedish currency but it is not licensed by the Swedish Government per say. It doesn’t make it illegal to play, but you just have to watch where they are licensed to make sure you are playing at a legit casino (Malta is a very good license, which is what Jackpot City has).

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