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Swedish Snus
Tasty tobacco: a Swede’s best friend.

Swedish Snus

Snus is very well-liked among Swedes. For those not in the know, snus packets are placed in the upper lip whereby the tobacco in the packets is absorbed. It is far and away more popular in Sweden than smoking tobacco, so when you go to your first Swedish party expect to see some brown gooey stuff when people smile.

Snus comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are small snus packets, more looked upon as snus for women, the large snus packets, and then there is the loose snus. The loose snus has no packet around it, so people can choose how much snus they want. Usually they end up snusing more and more at one go. Not a pretty sight.

As with cigarettes, there are many different brands of snus and flavors. Everyone has their favorites. And during Christmas time there is a special “Julesnus” for your Swede to help get in the holiday spirit!Julesnus

But make no mistake: Swedes still enjoy other forms of tobacco. Quite simply put, though, snus is preferred amongst most. This is most obvious when walking the streets any time when there is no snow: it is much more common to see snus littered about the ground then old cigarette butts!

Snus has a very high nicotine content and is said to be 10x more addictive than smoking tobacco. I recommend not to be around a Swede while he tries to quit snusing.

A Swede enjoying his tobacco.

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