Sweden Day Tours

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You have decided to visit Sweden for your next holiday adventure and you really want to get to know the country. You are okay with the idea of day tours, but being part of a herd following a woman with an upraised pink umbrella while trying to take in the pertinent information (which means straining your neck and ears) just doesn’t sound like the way to go. Typically, such tours are restricted to main tourist hubs such as Stockholm. As you should know by now, there is much more to Sweden than its capital city.

Instead of being in a herd of people, how about joining a small group of like-minded individuals who prefer to watch a natural herd of moose or reindeer out in the wild? If this concept is more appealing to you, then you should consider some day trips that will take you out of bustling civilization and into the peaceful and unending forests, mountains, and lakes that comprise a major portion of Sweden.

This is not just a pipedream; you can visit Stockholm and take in some Sweden day tours that will reveal the natural beauty of Sweden and provide you with a fuller and more complete picture of what Sweden is all about. If this concept has caught your attention, then read on…

Wild Sweden is Waiting for You

If you fancy yourself as a nontraditional traveler, then Wild Sweden is right up your alley! Breaking with tradition, Wild Sweden arranges and hosts some of the most exciting wildlife tours you will find anywhere in the world. 

It is their dedication to preserving the environment and sharing the natural beauty of Sweden that has led to their continuing success. They now offer a dozen unique and intriguing nature tours, covering many different locations across Sweden. While many of these fall under the category of holiday tours and span over several or more days (including tours where you can see the northern lights), they also offer some exciting and memorable day trips from Stockholm that you can experience.

I have selected and listed three outstanding day tours sponsored by Wild Sweden that will enhance your holiday experience. The links for the Sweden day tours described below will direct you to a page that offers more detailed information as well as the ability to lock in your reservation for an unforgettable experience that your friends will envy.

Moose Safari

Moose Safari in Skinnskatteberg

If spotting a moose in the wild is an unrealized dream of yours, now is the time to make that dream a reality! Just a two-hour drive from Stockholm, you will find yourself in a Swedish paradise. Easy walking through a lovely forest with many stops along the way, you will be exposed to all kinds of local flora and fauna. As the sun sets, we will settle in for an outdoor evening meal. Up to 7 clients per guide, and a maximum of 2 guides per tour makes for an intimate tour experience. Special rates for children under 16 and students under 26.

beaver safari

Beaver Safari in Skinnskatteberg

There are more than moose in Sweden; beavers also offer plenty of entertainment and education. Only 2 hours from Stockholm by car, you will find yourself on a serene boat ride through deep blue lakes in search of a beaver family. You will see firsthand how these ecologically-driven water mammals build their dams and nurture their colony. Your informed guides will share their knowledge and stories of beavers for your entertainment and enlightenment. Children under 16 and students under 26 will find special rates for this incredible experience.

As you can see, Sweden is much more than modern living in a fast-paced metropolis; there is a wealth of awe and wonder to feast upon across this great and beautiful land, even within a day of Stockholm! Try a one-day tour with this advanced warning: you will almost certainly be hooked and may be compelled to try out other tour packages offered by Wild Sweden. There are 12 fantastic and inspiring packages to tour Sweden from which to choose. Or just plan to do them all over the next 12 years or so!