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These are all the great resources I have found online to learn Swedish for free. I will continue to add to this page as I find more!

Resources to Learn Swedish for Free

How to Learn Swedish email course by Swedish Freak –  You will learn not only the very basics of the Swedish language, but you will learn tips on how to learn Swedish or any language so you can start speaking quickly.

Free Online Swedish Dictionary – This dictionary, provided by S.F.I., translates Swedish to English and vise verse. They recently changed this dictionary so users can update the definitions, make it forever the most recent online Swedish dictionary.

Swedish: Introductory Course from Centre for Languages and Literature – Here is a great, all free course via Lund University. You must download iTunes in order to use it (which is also free), but it is definitely worth it! Great for learning on the go.

Swedish Course and Working Life for Immigrants – This program, available at digitalspraket.se is fabulous, but can seem very intimidating for someone who is first learning Swedish, just because everything is in Swedish. Don’t despair, I did find the English Introduction! So read it, use the dictionary, and dive right in!

Swedish for Beginners – This is also available at digitalspraket.se. If you look on the right side of their page, they have A, B, C, D, SAS, and GY. Click on A, which is the beginners course, and work your way up. You will have images and Swedish will be spoken. This is really ALL you need to learn Swedish. And the best part is that it is free!

Swedish Basics Tutorial – I was thinking of adding a “Swedish 101” section to this site, but why redo something that isn’t broken? Ielanguages.com has fabulous Swedish Basics pages that I printed out and studied everywhere when starting to learn Swedish, and mp3s are even included! It is definitely a great way to start learning swedish free.

Free Swedish Vocabulary Software – So I just came across this great FREE Swedish software which is great for beginners. It comes with 3 quick starter lists (with words like “yes”, “no”, “My name is..” etc), an animal list, numbers, meetings and greetings, colors, days of the week, and taking a taxi. It is a great list for those just starting out with Swedish. There is no grammar, but you do have Stockholm Swedish pronunciation with the words. How is this free? Well, it is so good they are hoping you will upgrade to their paid membership. If you like it, it is worth it (especially if you don’t live in Sweden and don’t have native Swedes to practice with). For $50 you get more lists, can create your own, mp3s and much more.

GoSwedish YouTube Channel – Get Swedish lessons and pronunciations from GoSwedish, a fabulous Swede with a soothing voice who will mesmerize you into learning Swedish 🙂 Oh, and she also has an app for the iPhone or iPod touch so you can learn Swedish for free on the go. Kul!

Other Swedish Resources

Aftonbladet– A Swedish newspaper online, great for practicing your reading. They also have TV available to watch online for free.

Swedish Radio – If you like music, with some Swedish, try streaming the Swedish radio. Unfortunately I found that they spoke more English than I would like to hear, but get used to it – its how they speak in Sweden!

News in Easy Swedish – The national Swedish radio produces news in easy Swedish. This comes out almost daily and is a great way to learn Swedish!

Another great way to learn a language is to watch movies. Check out our Swedish film section. Watch them once with subtitles, and the second time without them! See if you can pick up some of the language.

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