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Where is Norrland?

Norrland is the part of Sweden that lies north of the Stockholm area. The further north you get, the colder it is, the fewer people there are, and the higher the moose population!

There is a reason Norrland has its own name separate from the rest of Sweden. Up north it takes a unique type of person to live in the cold, or experience more daylight in the summer and more darkness in the winter. As a consequence Norrland has its own distinct culture. As Missfoster lives smack dab in the middle of Norrland, you can bet that most of this site while reflect the Norrland part of Sweden. However, we will attempt to show the differences between Norrland and the southern part of Sweden.

Seasons in Norrland

Although Norrland is technically in my backyard, I have abundant adventures there and am documenting them in-depth. One of the great advantages to living in Norrland, is the massive, wide open space, and the beauty present in the Swedish nature. I am fascinated by the seasons in Norrland, the colors and textures that I encounter throughout the year.

Norrland Winter
Winter in Norsjö.


Norrland’s spring season can easily be mistaken for its winter by low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Spring in Norrland
I’m forcing a smile here.

This was a decent day. The snow banks aren’t quite as tall as I am. Notice the sun might be out, but it barely takes the edge off the chill of the biting winds.


Norrland Summer
Summer in Skellefteå.

One of the most favorable times of year for outside visitors to venture into Sweden, summer boasts some of the year’s warmest temperatures.


A calm fall day in Norrland.

A prelude to the dizzying chill of winter, fall is a transition time when the weather cools considerably and Halloween is celebrated. It is a beautiful time of the year where trees quickly turn a golden color.


Norrland Winter, Skellefteå
Skellefteå in early December.

Winter in Skellefteå is beyond comparison to anything else I have experienced. The frigid cold, the stern drifts of snow, and the unrelenting winds are an extreme I had never known first-hand prior to my relocation here. After living in and around Prague, Czech Republic, for a number of years, I had become cocky in my winter wonderland experience and nearly certain that weather extremes could not get more severe than that. Until I moved to Skellefteå, Sweden.

The Swedish Language in Norrland

As one travels further and further north, one will quickly find the Swedish language changes. Some say it is the cold, others argue it must be the amount of mosquitoes up north, but whatever the case, the language becomes much softer with more “shhhh” sounds and the ends of words become muffled. You can bet when I go to Stockholm and start speaking Swedish, many will immediately notice that I learned Swedish in Norrland.