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I love watching films made in a different country because I think it catches a glimpse of the culture. So here I will slowly build reviews of all the Swedish films I have seen. Some will be old, some will be new, all will be either in the Swedish language, or filmed in Sweden. I highly recommend to get the full effect of any of the films is to watch it in the Swedish language with English subtitles. If you are learning Swedish, you can consider it a little bit of language practice (even with the subtitles!).


Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In (Låt den Rätte Komma In) – Horror/Thriller – 2008 – Rated R

Lonely Oskar who is bullied by his classmates develops a special friendship with his new next door neighbor, Eli. Soon he finds out the truth about this little girl he only sees as night, smells funny, and is as cold as ice. Read the full review.


Arn The Knight Templar

Arn: The Knight Templar – Action/Historical – 2007 – Rated R

Taking place in Sweden during the middle ages, Arn is banished to be a Knight Templar because of his forbidden love. He fights his way home in order to save his one true love. Starring Joakim Nätterqvist and Sofia Helin. Read the full review.


The Stieg Larsson TrilogyDragon Tattoo Series – Thriller – 2010 – Rated R

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Journalist Mikael Blomkvist just been convicted of libel is disgraced. Taking a break from working at his magazine, Millennium, he reluctantly takes a job up with Henrik Vanger to investigate the disappearance of Vanger’s niece which happened over 40 years ago. Starring Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace, and Sven-Bertil Taube.

The Girl Who Played With Fire & The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest- Lisabeth Salander, the tough hacker that helped Mikael Blomkvist on his last case finds that her past has finally caught up with her. Two of Mikael’s friends are brutally murdered, and Salander is the prime suspect. Blomkvist believes she is innocent and perhaps even the next victim. Read the full review.


JagarnaThe Hunters (Jägarna) – Thriller – 1996 – Not Rated

A policeman who has been living in Stockholm returns home to his brother after his parents death and joins the police force in his small town in Norrland (Northern Sweden). While reindeer poaching has been an ongoing problem in his area, nobody has seriously looked into it. When he does, he finds out the answer is closer to home than he would like. Starring Lennart Jähkel and Jarmo Mäkinen. Read full review.


Evil (Ondskan)Evil (Ondskan) – Drama – 2003- Rated R

A young boy gets kicked out of school because of a fight. With the violence he experiences at home, he knows no other world. He receives one last chance at a boarding school, where he soon is bullied by the boys in the higher grade.

He is faced with the change of ridding violence from his life while trying to embrace his new standards. This film was nominated for an Academy Award. Read the full review.


Other Great Swedish Films

Here are other great Swedish films that have not yet been reviewed or watched by a Swedish Freak (and confirmed).

As It Is in Heaven – Starring Michael Nyqvist

Wallander: Episode 1 – Before the Frost – Starring Krister Henriksson

Insomnia – Starring Stellan Skarsgård

Mother of Mine – Starring Topi Majaniemi

Under the Sun (Under Solen) – Starring Rolf Lassgård

Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy – Starring Luke Perry

Are you a self proclaimed Swedish Freak and have a review? Send it in!


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