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JagarnaThe Hunters

Starring Lennart Jähkel and Jarmo Mäkinen

Directed by Kjell Sundvall

Not Rated (but R type film)

While this film may be a bit older (1996), it is still one of the best Swedish films I’ve seen. This film takes place in a small town in Norrland, Sweden. A brother returns home after his parents death to find that he is more of an outsider now then when he left. It really shows the culture of small towns in Norrland, maybe a little to the extreme, but it does hold some truth.

Not only does this film show off the culture of Norrland, but it also shows the culture of hunting in Norrland. Again, a bit to the extreme, but there is some truth in it, at least from my Swedish hunting experiences and my experiences in Norrland.

This film is fabulous on all 3 fronts. You will practice your Swedish by watching it (even more so, your redneck Swedish!) You will learn a little bit about life in Norrland. You will learn a little about the Swedish hunting culture (but remember, it is a movie!). And it is also a very suspenseful movie that will enjoy!

This movie is available on Amazon, but only in the European Version. It also was not rated, so I think it was never released in the U.S. It would be a rated R film though. We found the film on a torrent site (shhhh). Also, they just recently came out with Jägarna 2, which I haven’t yet seen. The first one was so good, I doubt the sequel would be that good!


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