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From art and design to fashion, to architecture, Swedish fashion and style are pivotal, resulting in international brands such as H&M and IKEA.

The Swedish color schemes are a common thread throughout these different realms of aesthetics.

Swedish wallpaper at Rusta.
Swedish wallpaper at Rusta.


Both IKEA and H&M are Swedish, and they represent the country well. If you like the style IKEA has, you will enjoy Sweden’s style. Similar furniture can be found throughout the country, including the Arlanda airport.

Swedish style is simple, clean, and elegant, in almost all aspects. Homes usually look more modern in style, and wallpaper is extremely popular. Monochromism is very common, and its accompaniment by bright splashes of color here and can be typically seen. A lot of wallpaper patterns are nature inspired as well.

Interior decorating the Swedish way is quite big. There are many various books out there that goes into detail about Swedish interior design.


Swedish living room at Rusta.
Swedish living room at Rusta.

Where it is in the home, in the closet, or throughout the advertisements of a local magazine, the Swedish aesthetic will likely have its trademark, very Scandinavian, color schemes and prints.

Swedish curtains.
We went curtain shopping.

Another common theme is the aesthetic of solid geometry and right angles paired with nature-inspired textures.

Swedish Fashion

Black is very common in everyday Sweden, especially during the winter time (and if you ever wore white in the winter, you will know why. It gets dirty very quickly!). Usually, when you take a snapshot of downtown (insert any Swedish city here), you will see more people wearing black than any other color!

Monochromatic winter fashion at CityKompaniet (CK).
Monochromatic winter fashion at CityKompaniet (CK).

When Swedes, however, go out to party, bright colors may be used to an extent. But the rule of thumb is that usually, Swedes don’t want to stand out too much.

H&M is probably the most known brand coming from Sweden. There are a lot of other, smaller brands out there that are also a great representation of Sweden, such as Odd Molly, Acne Jeans, and Cheap Monday.

Fashion is so big in Sweden, that they even have their own council! The Swedish Fashion Council is in charge of analyzing fashion in the world and making sure the Nordic countries are up to date.

And the Swedish Institute is working with leading brands in Sweden to bring their fashion to New York.

Sweden.se describes Swedish fashion as “less is more”, which is pretty accurate.

For more information about Style and Fashion in Sweden, check out Daniel Bjork’s Swedish Fashion Blog.

Scandinavian Style: Clothing

pair of warm knitted glovesStockholm is the self-proclaimed capital of Scandinavia, so perhaps Sweden is also the Scandinavian style capital in Clothing. Sweden and Norway were for a while there one country.

So it is no wonder that their styles are one in the same, along with Finland. Modern Scandinavian style, if we are to generalize, is usually dark and simple.

The traditional knit pattern is also found throughout Sweden, Norway, and Finland in their winter fashion. Gloves, hats, sweaters and even leg warmers can be found with the traditional plaid knit, usually made from wool.


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