Wild Sweden Tours

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Tour the Wild Side of Sweden

While Sweden is known for its social advances and high culture, a quick glance at a map of Sweden will reveal that a major proportion of the country remains as nature originally designed it: wild and beautiful. Do not delude yourself into thinking that Sweden is a country permanently buried under the snow.

With the northern-most swatch of Sweden occupying a section of the Arctic Circle, the opportunity to experience the hallucinogenic-like visuals of the Northern Lights is available. In contrast, with the Baltic Sea skirting the southeastern corner of Sweden, there are other Sweden tours that will give you the opportunity to soak up more facets of the wild side of Sweden.

However, it is not just the northern and southern edges of Sweden that offers visitors and locals alike a true natural environment. With 29 national parks spread across this beautiful land, there are endless opportunities for nature lovers to discover the natural and wild features that are boundless in Sweden.

So what kind of wildlife might you find on one of the many Sweden tours available? Of course, Sweden is replete with moose, but that is merely scratching the surface of nature’s bounty of species in this northern land.

In addition to the classic Swedish moose, wildlife lovers have been thrilled to sight bear, wolverines, lynx, wild boars, arctic foxes, beavers, wolves, and otters; this is merely a partial list of the incredible wildlife to be discovered across Sweden.

Your first concern may be that these many different wonders are fantastic and intriguing, but where and how does one start to get in on the wild side sights to be found in Sweden?

Well, that’s why you visit Swedish Freak! I am here to give you the inside scoop to ensure that you end up with the best possible experience by showing you the best Sweden tours you can find with the most reliable and reputable operators to be found. Yes, you will get their depth of experience and knowledge, along with perhaps the most memorable tour you will ever join.

Types of Sweden Tour Packages

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Wild Sweden has created two types of tour packages: day and holiday, or overnight tours. Days tours typically range from approximately 5 hours to an overnight stay, while holiday or overnight tours are structured for the nature lovers who want to immerse themselves in a longer outdoor experience. To whet your nature-loving appetite, listed below are brief descriptions of the different Wild Sweden Day Tours and Wild Sweden Overnight Tours.

Day Tours

Each tour description also offers a link to a more detailed page, which also provides information on tour dates and the option to lock in your reservations without any further delay.

Moose Safari

Moose Safari in Skinnskatteberg

Enjoy an idyllic forest walk, along with a campfire dinner where your guides will share insights and stories of the wildlife in Sweden’s beautiful forests. In addition to sighting moose, chances are high that you will also find cranes, owls, foxes, roe deer, and maybe even (if the timing is right) come across a wolf or lynx on the hunt. Learn more about the moose safari with WildSweden.


moose safari

Beaver Safari in Skinnskatteberg

Learn about the wildlife habits and behaviors of beavers at sunset, when beavers are most active. You will be transported in a small boat equipped with a silent electric engine, which keeps the lake serene and the beavers undisturbed in their work. The lake we have selected remains a well-kept secret and makes this safari an even more memorable event. See open dates for the beaver safari in Skinnskatteberg.


brown bear watching

Brown Bear Watching

This is an experience you do not want to miss. The hide is a comfortable wooden structure including a bathroom, beds, and chairs. But this tour is all about seeing brown bears close enough to their natural environment to pull in some amazing photographs. You will learn from the guides about the local bears and the best way of creating the opportunity to get up close and personal with these fantastic creatures. This is an overnight experience, and it is recommended that you consider the summer months (when the sun sets later) for a better chance of seeing the bears who tend to forage in the evening hours. Book your brown bear hide tour now!


wolf howling night in Sweden

Wolf Howling with Night in Tent

A one-of-a-kind tour that offers you the chance to share the wilderness with the wolves. Wolves are wary animals, so the likelihood of seeing one is very low, but you will be spending the night in a tent in the middle of wolf territory. Most clients who take this tour have had the spine-chilling and eerie experience of hearing the wolves howl in the night. All clients have finished this tour with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of these canines of the Swedish forest. Find out more about a wolf howling night in a tent in Sweden.

Overnight Tours

Again, you can click the link of any tour description to gain more information and to reserve your tour and dates.

Northern Lights & Wildlife in Sweden Lapland

Northern Lights & Wildlife in Swedish Lapland (5 days)

Discover Lapland and learn about life and nature in northern Sweden. Over a 5-day period (4 nights in a guesthouse and 1 night in a tent), you will be exposed to such natural wonders as the Northern Lights, reindeer, moose, frozen lakes, and snow-laden forests. Master dog sledding and get award-winning photographs that show you there in an exotic winter wonderland! This holiday tour offers reduced pricing for children under 13, so this is a great family vacation that neither you nor the kids will ever forget. Book your Swedish Lapland experience today!

northern lights wildlife new years eve tour

New Year Special! Northern Lights & Wildlife (6 days)

This is a New Year you will never forget! Reindeer; moose, the Aurora Borealis. Grab your cameras, pack your winter garb, and get ready to live with the Laplanders. You will be spending 6 days in a tented camp out in the wilderness with local guides and small groups of their friends. They are thrilled to be able to introduce you to a whole new culture and lifestyle. Spend days dogsledding, evenings sipping hot chocolate while walking on the frozen lake, and being treating to the nightly Aurora Borealis light show! Book now and make your new year unforgettable!


mountain lodge sweden lapland

Northern Lights, Moose, Reindeer, and Dogsledding at Mountain Lodge in Wild Lapland (6 days)

Seclude yourself in a mountain lodge that is a 90-minute drive to the nearest town! Talk about being cloistered in the wild; this 6-day tour offers perhaps the very best chance of snapping photos of moose and reindeer in the wild, as well catching superb Aurora Borealis light show each evening.

Treat yourself to gourmet foods, arctic style, enjoy dog sledding, and so much more. Again, with pricing slashed for children under 13, this is another family adventure that will stand out from all other family outings!

Book now an amazing adventure in wild Swedish Lapland at this mountain lodge!


wildlife expedition Sarek National Park

Wildlife Expedition in Sarek National Park, Lapland (8 days)

This is for the hardcore adventurer! This 8-day adventure starts with you being dropped in Sarek National Park via helicopter to save several days of hiking. In this park, there are no roads, which means no motor vehicles. Yes, just you, a few nature-loving companions, and the beautiful wild forest.

Chances of meeting up with bear and moose are very high; with so few people populating this park, the animals are much less skittish and more easily observed. This once-yearly event is a must for dedicated outdoors people! Find out more about this amazing tour of Sarek National Park!

Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure

Kolarbyn Ecolodge Wildlife Adventure (4 days)

Berry picking, mushroom hunting, lake canoeing, animal watching… it’s all waiting for you and the kids. This ecolodge was built to be fully functional yet entirely recyclable! Wash your dishes in freshwater streams, recycle all waste (no garbage bins anywhere!), and commune with nature as humans have done for centuries.

In the evenings go on the Moose Safari and Beaver Safari and see wildlife in its natural habitat. This 4-day trip is very affordable and kids under 16 are half-priced, which makes this an ideal vacation package that truly bonds families closer together!

Book your stay at the Kolarbyn Ecolodge!

Meet Wild Sweden

My careful and exacting research has uncovered the most unique and personalized Sweden tours you can find in the entire country (possibly in all of Europe!). Wild Sweden has been operating for more than a decade and continues to grow in popularity, both among Swedish citizens as well as nature loving adventurers from around the world.

Wild Sweden carefully structures their wildlife tours to keep them intimate and out in the middle of the very best locations that are sure to reveal creatures in their own habitats. You never have to worry about dealing with noisy crowds that drive away the very animals you wish to see undisturbed. By avoiding the popular nature areas, you also steer clear of the unwanted crowds that appear to be oblivious to their surroundings.

Wild Sweden has done their homework and has arranged intimate accommodations and locations (some are even privately owned and operated), thus avoiding the crushing crowds that make you end up feeling as if the heart of nature has been converted into a public viewing zoo.


There are plenty of things to do in or around Sweden. In addition to sections of Stockholm such as Gamla Stan (their Old Town area), the other Scandinavian metropolises of Copenhagen and Oslo are easy to reach. Some of the more adventurous travelers may have heard of the ice hotel in Northern Sweden (200 km inside the Arctic Circle) where you can book a weekend for a different adventure. I agree that these destinations are worth the experience, but you will be missing out on a very special and significant part of Sweden if you do not take advantage of at least one Wild Sweden expedition!

A Final Caveat

Do keep in mind that wildlife tours are unpredictable. While Wild Sweden strives to arrange each tour during the best seasons for seeing nature in action, they, of course, cannot and do not guarantee that your experience will be ideal. However, that being said, there is a reason why Wild Sweden proudly has had a more than 10-year uninterrupted streak spotting beaver and a 15-year streak encountering moose in the wild! Simply put, they know their nature and local wildlife behaviors and they love their nature-loving colleagues, so they know how to plan and time their tours for the ultimate satisfaction of their clients!